Peace Of Mind Home Care

Trusted by Victoria Families since 2005

Many families desire to support their senior loved one’s wishes to live independently but daily worries over health and safety can be exhausting.

Care & Company’s customized support plans and in-home care services reduce worry while boosting independence, physical health and emotional well-being.

I can’t thank Care and Company enough for their support, professionalism and kindness. The staff working with my elderly father helped us quickly find a way to support him in just the right way that both he and my mother needed. ~ Kaia

Care & Company Values

Our clients are inherently valuable 

“Usefulness” and “Productivity” are not true measures for worth. We count it an honour to uphold the dignity and independence of each client we serve.

Our caregivers are the heart of what we do 

Our dedicated caregivers choose to work with Care & Company because we prioritize quality care and client relationships – just like they do.

Excellent care is the gift of independence

We care for our clients the way we would want our loved ones to be cared for. Dependable, professional, personalized care establishes the peace of mind necessary for independent living.

Consistent communication is essential to quality care  

We utilize both new technology and good old-fashioned thoughtfulness to ensure caregivers, clients, families and support staff are empowered to make informed decisions.

Relationships are to the heart what vitamins are to the body 

Our Best-Fit-Approach connects caregivers and clients in consistent, meaningful relationships so bodies, minds, and hearts can flourish.

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