During Covid, and in the past year, most home care companies are seeking individuals to assist them with care and companionship of seniors.  In discussing our position with members of a local Business Networking Group this week, participants indicated that they thought we only did in home care which was care intensive and not companionship.

The truth of the matter is that during COVID, seniors have been marginalized as they cannot attend their local exercise group, van ride, day programs and neither can our workers visit them at care homes!

That means the companion side of our business has increased and in fact is more centered on providing amazing companionship, cooking, drives, playing games, personal assistance, computer and email assists in addition to care!  You think it, we can do it.

It also means, we are seeking individuals with a love and passion for taking the time to get to know a senior and be a perfect companion for them as currently over 70% of our work is as a companion for a shut-in senior.

George is in his 90’s and recently had a live-in team of companions move in with him.  He drives a scooter, and loves to go to the bank, post office and shop at the grocery store.  His companion caregiver attends with him, and we often see George and his companions in the village performing their errands.  George does not require much care other than cuing, however the companionship, cooking, gardening and outings are making a great difference in his quality of life.

Sylvia is also in her 90’s.  She lives in her own home and wants to remain there with help.  She has had home cleaners for many years and loves her current team so there is no need for that kind of attention.  She is strong, healthy and fully cognizant of current events and keeps in touch with many of her friends throughout the world by email.  Being an ‘airforce’ wife, she and her husband were based all over Canada, and have many friends throughout the world.  Her greatest desire is to have a ‘bright young person’ to be a personal assistant, help with computer issues, organize paper work, discuss current events and take her on outings – especially drives.

Most of our families currently want their parent to live at home with help.  If that means we assist with the home repairs, we can supply that as well.  Many of our seniors live in beautiful homes with flower and vegetable gardens.  Sitting near the garden, holding the hose, or chatting with a companion while they are weeding the garden, keeps the senior doing what they love for as long as they can.

During COVID, getting your hair done, receiving proper foot care, having your nails done, receiving massages, or occupational therapy were all services seniors struggled to access – we can bring them to you at home.

Being in your own home isn’t just about care – it’s about living life the way you always have, sending emails, going to the library or training on iCloud library and assisting with downloading books.  It’s about navigating the DVD and VCR machines (Yup those VCR’s are still around)

Bill, had 3 shelves of beloved VHF tapes.  Many of them real treasures.  Unfortunately, when he moved from his home to independent living, the staff in the facility were not able to assist when he needed help to run the machine, so the tapes sat on the shelf.  This is the difference in with in-home help as we would ensure that Bill had the ‘best fit’ individual to be with him evenings watching movies.

So, in the end, we really want to get the message out that home care companies don’t just do care – they make a difference in a senior’s life – helping to keep them at home continuing on the same trajectory they’ve been on all their adult life, but just a little extra help around the home to keep them mobile, interested and outgoing.

With a huge need for performing companionship, we are calling out to individuals in their 50’s, 60’s and yes even 70’s to join us for a few hours a week to work with one or two clients, taking them on drives, cooking for them or playing games.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy, give us a call – we want you!

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