What is ‘Aging in Place’ exactly?  The senior who Ages in Place lives at home until they die.   Various types of support services are implemented to ensure that all the needs of the senior are met.  Home Support Workers, Registered Care Aides and a variety of Nursing staff will help the senior live at home with as little as 2 hours per day to full 24 hour live-in support.

Aging in Place is also the term used when seniors are looking for a residential care home. Once seniors move to a care home, it is very hard on them to move them through various levels of care when care needs increase.  Therefore it is a very important question to ask when interviewing the care facility.  All complex care residences/hospitals will have that capacity.

More and more, seniors and their families are making the choice to remain at home with help.  Emotionally, physically and financially, seniors benefit from Aging in Place.