The end is now in sight. How that will play out for future recurrences or a second wave has yet to be seen. Does this mean that all three ‘posts’ need to be a thing of the past? Not at all. The occurrence of the common cold, and regular flu has also been reduced throughout this process of self-distancing. When I’m at the park, people give each other wide berth, and one was heard to tell “I think this is something that is going to be part of my future”

And why not? Should we give up all these safe practices once we are once again free to carry on business as usual? Why would we? Are we once again going to grocery shop sick, coughing over the deli counter recounting to your friend at the same counter, that you’ve never been so sick in your life! As you cough once more without covering your mouth?

For ourselves, our employees and our families, these safe practices must continue to be in place:

Self quarantine if you have a bad cold and cough. Do not go outdoors where you can be in contact with others. Take the most contagious period of your cold, cough or fever, and stay indoors – at home!

Self isolate if you or a family member may be sick. Be cautious when outdoors that you maintain distance. Self-isolate is not the same as quarantine.

Self distance if you believe you may still be contagious. Self distance to protect yourself and your loved ones. Self distance simply to provide a better level of health for all!