Owner Johanna Booy started her senior care services 15 years ago.  She says that her Company provides consistent care to seniors by providing essential workers to safely provide care for those most at risk. During COVID we have been challenged, but the availability of PPE’s has made delivery of care possible! Operating our small business is possible due to the committed caregivers on our team.

When reading past submissions to this section, the comment we hear over and over is ‘shop local’.  We are locally owned and operated and are active members of the local Chamber of Commerce.   Even though we are located in Oak Bay, we do serve the Greater Victoria area.    We are active in our community volunteering, training caregivers and are committed to helping our community of seniors!  It’s a given that seniors and their families are shopping local!

Earlier this year we submitted an article regarding the impact of the pandemic on ‘doing business in Victoria’.  Many things have changed due to the pandemic and the challenges we faced then we still face now.  Senior care needs are on the rise for in-home care. As families are choosing to keep their loved ones at home with care, we find ourselves appealing to the community for retired and professional individuals interested in providing care and companionship to join our team.

As a small business we provide Aging in Place services to keep our seniors in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.  Proactive private senior care is in demand in the community and in fact enhances and supplements what the already burdened government care provides.  We are not a ‘one size fits all’ Company but utilize an approach that carefully looks at each individual, their likes and dislikes, and matches them up to the exact person we think will be a good fit and do so with consistency.

In past articles, we discussed the ‘best fit approach’ of caregivers for each senior and private care supplies that need.   Many baby boomers are building caregiver suites into their homes for future care as the old models don’t necessarily fit their needs any longer.  Going to a care home or to independent living isn’t their first choice and after having lived in your own home for 40 plus years, many seniors want to stay where they are.

Doing business through the pandemic has been challenging.  We don’t talk about our Company in terms of revenue because we consider our doing business more like a calling than employment.  After all our seniors are not a commodity!

We have a wonderful team of very committed people caring for our clients, and a very dedicated administrative support team is available for caregivers, seniors and families any time of day or night 24/7.

COVID protocols have been in place since the beginning and all PPE’s including isolation gowns, extra scrub sets, masks, gloves, and sanitizer are provided to all our care workers for their shifts and for their vehicles.  COVID has increased our need to be extra careful caring for our seniors in-home.  We schedule the same workers to the same homes and coordinate with families on visits and COVID protocols.  Our caregivers receive weekly updates regarding the changes in our community and their roles with regards to safety.

As a business working during COVID, we thought we would showcase the caregivers – our essential workers – in the community caring for the seniors!  Hear what our caregivers are saying about ‘taking care of business during COVID’ and why they enjoy working with seniors under the umbrella of private care.

Tanya:  Why do you think the addition of private care is important for seniors?

Private care gives seniors the opportunity to choose what they want and need for care.  It gives them a voice in how they will be cared for.  They can choose how often they want care and have the option to change caregivers when they don’t feel a connection to that person.  They have more flexibility when using a private agency.  Without the option of private care they have to accept whatever help they’re given.  This might not meet all their needs, involve a stream of different caregivers and result in an unhappy situation for the senior who desperately needs help.

Debbie: Why do you like working with private care as a companion/caregiver?

I enjoy working with seniors and providing different types of care to each individual client.  It makes it very personal and for some clients they really look forward to your visit.  I also like that we are able to build a relationship and get to know the client you are working with.  Working for a small company makes it feel like a family and you are able to always call the office for any help you need.


Anita:  Why does working with a small company work for you?


“Love what you do, do what you love”

Caring for seniors is my greatest joy.  It’s not what I do for them, as much as the pleasure and enjoyment each senior shows when we are there to work with them each day.  It’s the circle of life, giving back to the ones we love. Working with a small Company is beneficial for me.  I get to pick the shifts that work for me, I have a say in care, I’m listened to and they are thankful for everything I do.  Knowing they are with me every step of the way! Best job ever!  Best Company to work for.


Nancy:  How do I make a difference in my senior’s lives?

 A lot of the seniors we care for just want some company; they want someone to tell their stories to. I take away the loneliness they feel everyday especially during these uncertain times. I bring them peace of mind helping them with tasks around their homes, making a delicious meal for them, getting their groceries and taking them to their appointments etc.  I make them as comfortable as possible in their homes where they wish to stay rather than the alternative of going to a home.  It’s not a job – it’s a purpose!

Elizabeth: Why do I like providing senior care?

I do the work I do because I want to make a difference in the lives of my clients. I want them to have the experience of someone caring deeply about them, their health, comfort and wellbeing. I value private care companies because they enable clients to have consistent caregivers who can provide this to them.


The Times Colonist business section is entitled “taking care of business”.  We love ‘taking care of business’ doing what we love – and loving what we do! As a business we are committed to the community we live in and serve.  In Victoria, private and public work together for a common good – providing seniors with the care they need in the home.  One cannot do without the other!