Entering what we now coin ‘phase 2’ of re-entry to society, many of us are still working through the ‘Covid Haze’.  So many have had to turn their backs on their businesses, their livelihood, and routines.  As we start to re-enter society, there are new rules and safety regulations.

Our office has designed new Health & Safety standards that conform to the phase 2 requirements.  It’s wonderful to see how various businesses ‘do’ distancing in vehicles or at the workplace.  A landscape truck with two people in front, both wearing masks and the windows down by half, are happily working again, but it sure looks different.

Who knows where we are going, and how much things will change.  One thing for sure is that as we all adapt to the changes, we now more than ever have to realize that not everyone is bouncing back to their ‘normal’ – not even close!  Many families cannot pay their mortgage payments.  Businesses are losing money, not able to support their staff or families.  Deferrals are fine, but in the end one still has to pay.  Depression is rampant.

The first saying to be coined almost immediately, was ‘we are in this together’.  Then remember – if we are in it together, and you are one of the fortunate ones to re-enter the workforce, receive subsidy payments, the CERB and support from family and friends – then reach out to your neighbour.  Not everyone is coming through this COVID haze in one piece.  Families and couples are falling apart.  Businesses are closing their doors – hours, sweat and tears that business owners have put into their livelihood – gone! They aren’t reaching out.  It’s our job to do that – open your eyes – listen to what is around you and step outside of yourself to help one another.  Listen for cries of help – save a life today.