Fabio dos Santos

Owner & Managing Director

Fabio dos Santos took over ownership of Care & Co in 2021 from founder Johanna Booy.

While relatively new to Care & Company, Fabio first began serving seniors and families as a real estate agent in 2001. His gift for solving problems and reputation for excellent service opened the door to international business development roles which which lead to long-lasting friendships with colleagues on five continents.

Excited to direct his business development experience toward serving Victoria’s seniors, Fabio finds great fulfillment in creating meaningful employment opportunities and growing teams who feel empowered and celebrated.

Fabio misses the excitement and cuisine of global travel but is so very grateful to call Vancouver Island home and share the beauty of West Coast living with his wife Lee-Ann and their two young daughters.

Together, they can often be found in the kitchen cooking up favourite recipes (Fabio’s specialties being crepes and smoked salmon), or enjoying island lakes, trails and coffee shops.

Victoria Troughton

Client Care Manager

Victoria Troughton joined Care & Company in April 2021 as Client Care Manager. Victoria has a diverse education and experience as a healthcare provider.

She graduated with a degree in medicine from Southampton University in 1994. She has spent time working in elderly care psychiatry, looking after many patients with dementia. Also, as a Palliative Care physician, working closely with patients and their families facing end of life decisions.

After moving to Canada, in 2004, Victoria became an International Certified Childbirth educator and spent time supporting expectant mothers. During this time, she started a small business with a local midwife and discovered her love of both management and teaching.

Victoria is passionate about people. Being true to her British roots she has a deep love of tea, saying “It just makes everything better!” However, she is also faithful to her Canadian side, really enjoying our great outdoors and camping with friends and family.

Quinn Keeler

Administrative Manager

Quinn Keeler has been with Care & Company since January 2018. She began as an Administrative Assistant and worked her way up. She and Johanna (the previous owner) ran the Company just the 2 of them through the thick of COVID in March 2020 – September 2020 which allowed Quinn to expand her knowledge on how to assist running the business as a whole. She is now in charge of all things operations including invoicing, payroll, human resources and more. In 2019, she obtained a certificate to become a Certified Professional Aging Consultant. Quinn has a degree in Sport Management which holds an immense focus on all things business and also holds a certificate in Human Resources.

Quinn has been a resident of Victoria since 1997 when her family moved from North Vancouver. She has worked a variety of jobs in management roles including for some local sports teams. She even spent a short stint working as a Ward Nurse in a veterinary clinic. She loves sports, spending time with her family and her Havanese, Taz.