During the holiday season, Seniors may feel lonely or burdensome if they cannot contribute to or fully participate in the festivities like they used to. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to make their holidays brighter, no matter what they celebrate!

  1. Sit with them while opening their holiday cards. Although the sentiment is very lovely, cards can carry bad news in an effort to keep the recipient caught up on the sender’s life. If possible, ask family members and friends to contribute a simple card, photograph or drawing to help keep the senior’s seasonal mail more upbeat. As well, help them send cards out of their own! Although receiving cards is an old sentiment, it’s still appreciated by those of all ages.


  1. Take your loved one on outings to get them involved in the community. Whether it be to the mall to people watch, a drive to see some lights, recreation centers, or a visit to a local Senior’s activity centre like Silver Threads to make them feel a part of the community like they used to be.


  1. If they celebrate, help them add some decorative touches to their home or their room. You can even decorate in stages, so they have something to look forward to! It’s a joy for them to pull out old decorations and reminisce about their meaning and recall the stories surrounding them.


  1. Bake! If they’re at home, take some time to bake their favourite Christmas treats and maybe even deliver some to the neighbours with them. If they’re in a home, bring them something that they enjoy and can share!


  1. Remember to remind them how important they are as a part of your life, your families and friends. The most important thing you can do with a Senior to make them feel loved and included this season is to simply spend time with them.