Here’s what our Client’s have to say about us!

We hired Care & Company to help our elderly uncle continue to live in his own apartment following a sudden onset of significant short-term memory loss.  Although he was in reasonably good physical health, he had become unable to properly care for himself due to the cognitive impairment.  Neither of us lives in Victoria, and there were no other relatives nearby who could attend to his daily needs.

The Care & Company office team have been consistently helpful and professional in response to our telephone and e-mail enquiries and requests, and welcoming of our personal visits to the office including, on a couple of occasions, with our uncle. The caregivers who come regularly for a couple of hours a day (and more as required) to our uncle’s home are friendly, competent and caring.  They do grocery shopping and meal preparation, house cleaning and laundry, medication administration, take our uncle to appointments, and oversee his personal care.  In addition, and as important, they provide real companionship through playful conversation, discussion of current events and our uncle’s personal history, sharing of puzzles and books, and drives and walks around Victoria.

We feel very grateful to have found Care & Company at a point when we were unsure of how best to help our uncle when we do not live close to him.  It is reassuring to know he is in such good hands, receiving the care, and company, he needs to maintain a good quality of life. We are pleased to offer this testimonial on behalf of the Care & Company team.

Judith & Leslie

My grandmother lived in Victoria and while she unfortunately had a stroke that confined her to a wheelchair or bed for the last 102nd year of her life, she was very sentient.  However, the immobility posed a problem as she required more care not just in terms of nursing but companionship.

Fortunately, my sister found Care & Company Ltd. Each of the care aides I spoke to and/or met were not only professional, but are real people caring for real needs. The care aides brought peace of mind for my grandmother and the whole family.  The assistance was anything and everything from taking her for a stroll in her wheelchair to getting her tea to reading her stories or looking up the news or just providing company by having someone to speak to each day.  My grandmother repeatedly expressed her appreciation for the care aides. I highly recommend Care & Company Ltd.  The care aides are reliable and trustworthy.  But more importantly, I personally found the care aides to be real people with a genuine heartfelt care for others. Thank you to all who helped care for my grandmother.

Maisie R’s Granddaugther

Care & Company was recommended to us when we needed help with a 95 year old family member. After suffering a stroke, she insisted on still living on her own. With the excellent care provided by Care & Company this has been possible. The Care & Company office team organized a plan of coordinating caregivers. She also arranges necessary services such as medical appointments, transportation and even hospital visits all while providing frequent emails keeping us updated. All of the staff are so kind and thoughtful while providing superb care. As we live in Vancouver, Care & Company have given our family peace of mind. We would highly recommend them.

Robin & Suzanne

I have been a fulfilled and satisfied caregiver/companion employee with Care & Company since March of 2012. My twenty plus years in Mental Health Services has been a great advantage for my work with memory compromised individuals. My early years spent as a housekeeper/nanny/cleaning lady while I was an University student, has also held me in good stead.

Our greatest strength as a Care Agency lies in our consistency of care. All my clients have been long term clients. I have been privileged to accompany many seniors through the last years of their time here on Earth. It has been my honour to spend years sharing in the memories from vital, creative lives. It has been with great sadness, but also, great satisfaction that I have sat by their bedsides as they slipped away.

I am lucky to have a job that I know makes a difference to seniors, disabled individuals, and their families. I highly recommend Care & Company as a care giving agency and as a place of employment.