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Fitness Programs During COVID-19

Good health practices in our youth and adult life will generally take us into old age with stronger bone density, a healthier cardio vascular system, better balance and even increased cognitive function.  This is a good thing, because on average longevity has increased 5-10 years for the average individual.  As we work with seniors, our […]

Maggie – Companion & Therapy Dog

It is with great sadness that we let all those who knew and loved our dog Maggie that she has passed away! For us, she was the most wonderful addition to our home and for 100’s of our seniors, a solace, a joy and a welcome addition to their day.  Maggie impacted so many lives […]

Taking Care of Business During COVID-19

Owner Johanna Booy started her senior care services 15 years ago.  She says that her Company provides consistent care to seniors by providing essential workers to safely provide care for those most at risk. During COVID we have been challenged, but the availability of PPE’s has made delivery of care possible! Operating our small business […]

A Caregivers Tale

After living a very beautiful but simple life in Boca Raton, Florida for more than 24 years, my life changed drastically moving back to my roots on Vancouver Island – however in a good way, a purposeful way.  One could say I’ve found my calling by being a caregiver.  When one of my sisters asked, […]

COVID’s Isolating Effects on Seniors

Bill told his daughter, “I thought it was COVID and no one can go outside!  Every time I look out my window cars go by non-stop!”  She explained that people are allowed outdoors but with certain precautionary measures, but Bill has dementia and is in an Assisted Living facility.  He cannot understand why “the rest […]

10 Reasons to Utilize a Medical Exercise Specialist

Sylvia returned home from hospital after a much needed and long-awaited knee replacement.  As it was early summer, and her friends were making camping plans, Sylvia not only wanted the additional home supports, but someone to work through her exercises with her. If you live at home alone, as Sylvia does, it is helpful to […]

Endorsing Companionship

“I’m lonely…” They were not the first words uttered by Ed, 91 years old.  But he blurted that out within minutes of telling me that he didn’t need much help – maybe 3 hours every 2 weeks.  Are seniors in denial?  No, most don’t realize how lonely they are until someone comes into their home […]

Companion Care – “The Best Fit Approach”

The old adage ‘one size fits all’ may be true, but not for senior companion services.  Our seniors come from a variety of backgrounds, and cultures.  Many are retirees from various parts of Canada, or moved here in their youth from Europe or Britain. They’ve come through the depression and the war, struggling through abject […]

Wandering Through the Covid Haze

Entering what we now coin ‘phase 2’ of re-entry to society, many of us are still working through the ‘Covid Haze’.  So many have had to turn their backs on their businesses, their livelihood, and routines.  As we start to re-enter society, there are new rules and safety regulations. Our office has designed new Health […]

The Covid-19 Effect on Our Business

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, an active member of this community and business owner, I am well aware of the many effects this pandemic has had on local businesses. One has only to look around at the many closed or for lease signs around us. Our business is unique in that we […]