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It’s amazing the items left over when someone you love passes. My mum passed away on her birthday this year. My dad is an independent living home, having moved only 3 weeks prior to her death. The house they lived in sold and was closing at the end of July. So much to do to […]


Functional Fitness for Seniors

Functional Fitness – Assisting Seniors at Home Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a term health professionals use to describe an individual’s daily self-care activities. They use it as a measure of your functional status to assess how fit you are to stay in your home. There are six ADLs including bathing or showering, dressing, […]

Caregiving 101

Introduction to Caregiving 101 Statistics Canada states that the number of Canadians who are 65 or older grew 20 per cent between 2011 and 2016, surpassing for the first time the number of children aged 14 and under. It’s the largest increase for that age group in 70 years, and the highest increase in the […]

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How to Fall-Proof Your Home

Home support services for seniors are frequently required as a result of a fall at home resulting in fracture or injury necessitating the need for care.  As a result of declining eye sight, poor balance, arthritic joints, back pain and immobility issues, we must be more careful in performing Activities of Daily Living.  Here are […]


Aging in Place: What is it?

What is ‘Aging in Place’ exactly?  The senior who Ages in Place lives at home until they die.   Various types of support services are implemented to ensure that all the needs of the senior are met.  Home Support Workers, Registered Care Aides and a variety of Nursing staff will help the senior live at home […]

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How to Get Up From a Fall

Falls become a risk as we age due to loose carpet, clutter or balance issues.  The fact that you may have fallen once means you have a high risk of falling again. If you fall – don’t panic.  All your energy and adrenaline will be required to assist your brain and neuromuscular system to respond […]

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Arthritis: Tips for Dealing With the Pain

Many seniors coping with the pain and discomfort of Arthritis find the pain to be overwhelming.  One way to reduce your pain is to build your life around wellness, not pain or sickness such as: Thinking positive thoughts Maintaining a sense of humor Eating a balanced diet Exercising regularly Surrounding yourself with positive people Focusing […]

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Activities of Daily Living

Did you know that there are many extra benefits when a senior involves in an exercise? As a person ages, the ability to perform ‘instrumental activities of daily living’ (ADLs) diminish.  These activities are important for independent living. They include using the telephone, preparing meals, shopping and handling finances. There are six basic ADLs which […]

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7 Keys to Identifying Dementia

Sometimes family members or those very close to a senior may not recognize mental decline as it’s often very gradual.  In identifying areas of concern, it’s important to recognize signs of Alzheimers or dementia so that you can help your senior arrange the help they need in their home to avoid further decline. Here are […]

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Parkinson’s Disease and Medical Exercise

Parkinson’s Disease is a slowly progressive neurological disorder that effects voluntary movement.  Degeneration in the brain leads to tremor, muscle rigidity, difficulty moving and postural instability.  Normally, you’ll see Parkinson’s in older people – commonly the 50-75 age group. Much less common is early onset. There’s a link between Parkinson’s and dementia – with approximately 15-20% of individuals with Parkinson’s […]